A Spiritual Evolution

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I'm Nathaniel, author of  Perspectives: Thirty Days to Life and Transitions:A Spiritual Evolution.

About the Author
Richard D. Riddle Sr holds a Doctorate of Computer Science. He is retired from Defence Contracting and currently works as a consultant in areas of computer systems automation, satellite operations and spiritual development.  He is currently working on his third book, Patience.

Richard resides with his wife in Colorado, where he enjoys morning and evening walks, observing sunrises, sampling scotch and spending time with his family. He understands there is so much more needed to better his understanding as he continues his spiritual journey.


About my latest book,  Perspectives: Thirty Days to Life

Perspectives discusses the journey of the author to accomplish a task he received: to see the good in all things for thirty consecutive days. He presents the conflicts experienced during and after the 316 days it took him to complete the task.

The author discusses the lessons received that have changed his perspective on the roles of self, the interaction of self with positive and negative energies, and his relationship with others. Perspectives demonstrates what can be achieved when you allow yourself to reject the influence of negative forces in your life and interpret all that we see with the strength of understanding and love. The author encourages self-awareness as well as awareness of both positive and negative energies, so that readers, like the author, will learn to distinguish the bounty of love that exist in their lives. In doing so, readers can experience a greater fulfillment of life and a deeper understanding of our spiritual connections.

Perspectives promotes spiritual understanding and evolution through the author’s own personal experiences. In the process, the reader is able to find the method to correlate and advance their own life journey from the information presented.

Those who are truly ready to control their own spiritual journey will be afforded the opportunity to expand their understanding of self and of universal awareness through their continual spiritual evolution.


About my book, Transitions: A Spiritual Evolution

Transitions reveals the roles of self, Angels,and negative energies.  It is about love, love of self, love of others, and love from “above.”  It demonstrates both the positive and negative influences in our lives and how we interpret those influences into self-worth and self-loathing.   Transitions promotes awareness to both of these energies in hopes that the readers, like the author, will learn to distinguish the two more easily in order to promote a higher fulfillment of life and a greater understanding of our spiritual connections.

Transitions is not a typical “how-to” book that tells people what to do, based on educational study, but  instead is a book that promotes spiritual understanding and evolution through the author’s own personal experience.  The author explains what has happened to him, he reveals spiritual phenomena and activity that is only read about in historical religious documents.  He promotes self-awareness and spiritual understanding. 

Transitions attempts to reveal to the reader the fact that we control our own spiritual destiny under the umbrella of love from God, Angels, and spirit guides.  It provides information that shows we are never left alone, yet we are unable to see what is always here for us.  Transitions seeks to provide the connection of people to a common single source, regardless of name, who is constantly present and loves all equally and without conditions.