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Dear Richard,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for sharing your life in your book Transitions, and also to  let you know how much it touched me.

My friend Cyd recently came for a visit and brought me a copy of your book. It really spoke to me and confirmed a lot for me. It the past yr or 2 I have really grown spiritually and am becoming the person I should be.
  I loved how you talked about the  fact the the world was never flat, it was always round. So,  when they discovered that the world was round it didn't mean that the world changed, it was always round. I loved that comparison. God has always loved me not just because I am growing, I have changed but God was always and is always the same. He loves me no matter what, I don't need to earn it. It seems like it should be so simple, right?

I have also had many "transitions" in my own life and I feel like I am finally  growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes it is 2 steps forward, 1 step back but mostly moving forward and it feels great.
 I now realize that the resources have always been there I just needed to take action. There was a lot about your life that reminded me of me and that was so meaningful to me, thanks for being open and honest.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated what you shared, thank you. I will  reread it and look at some parts I have highlighted because it was a lot to digest. I will also be reading your other book in the near future.

Thank you,



I laughed, I cried, I wanted to shout Amen!



Transitions has helped me achieve a differnt perspective on life.  Now I focus on how I can become a better person to myself and those around me.  I look for the best in everything.  Thanks you!



The book of Transitions gave me a new way of looking at the spiritual side and the ways the other side can communicate, and does communicate; and the love that radiates from that side; that it's not all black & white; it's a comforting feeling knowing there is so much more to see than this physical plane.



Author:  "As you read Transitions how does it make you feel?"

Maria: "Whole"

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