A Spiritual Evolution

I trembled inside as I heard these words and received the following explanation:Me: Are you there?He: Yes. Me: (Realizing that there was something different, someone different) What is your name? He: I am known by many names. Me: What may I call you? He: ZophielHe: The power ball sequence 8 — 2 — 8. This is an angelic numerical sequence. A part of life, a part of what we do. (I struggle to hear) 8 = death/birth, 2= flesh/spirit, 828 a transition sequence of spirit to flesh or flesh to spirit. Me: Zophiel, I am having a hard time hearing, his voice is raspy and it is over a cell phone, I think I heard the power ball sequence 8 — 2 — 8, death, flesh to spirit, death. He: The power ball sequence 8 — 2 — 8, death and birth, flesh and spirit, birth and death, it is an angelic sequence, It is a metamorphous, like the caterpillar to a butterfly, the maggot to a fly. It is a transition. We all experience transitions. Do you understand?